Big Farm: Mobile Harvest App Reviews

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Good Game

It’s a very enjoyable game. It takes time to move up but fun getting there.

Great game

I love this game. The only thing I would recommend is letting us be able to win certificates. I shouldn’t have to spend real money on this game. With the amount of time I spend playing I could have won enough certificates to upgrade my water tower and nursery. Also the market certificates. I’m stuck at six because I’m not spending money on this game. Finally if you’re gonna leave us no option but to spend real money we should be able to put together the things we want to buy. I don’t want to have to get 4 different bundles to get what I need. I should be able to buy all the certificates I need and none of the extra crap I don’t want.

Love this game

Love this game

Love the game

You I just want to play the game

Love this game!

Literally love everything about the game except a few things.. only being able to build one thing at a time! Please change this! There are some buildings that take almost 20 hours to complete and unless you have 10000 gold, you have to wait to get anything else started. Will rate 4 or 5 stars if this is changed! Also, more decorations and themes for buildings/stables that actually cost dollars rather than gold, feathers, ect.

It should be better

So many updates that add nothing most of the time. Game is too slow, too many obstacles to growth. Most of all hate that I’m caught in an endless loop trying to update. Very hard to stay motivated

Don’t play!!!!!!

Every time when I almost done with some quest and almost got a coupons they made update which I cannot get fast , I should wait for few days ..... than I lost that quest and don’t get a coupons..... I’m thinking they do it that you spend as much money for the game .... So I got same today and I don’t want play anymore..... The game is super but that people are cheating with people , so I don’t recommend this game..... My nick name is Walter1990 and I don’t know how many times it was like that..., but this time is last. Thank you moderator that I loose so much time with you..... And I have iPhone 7+......


I hate when they do up dates enough already

Really don’t understand

All I can do is plant corn and a few other thing. Would help if I had some directions about how to do

Best game ever

What I love about this game is it is really interesting and fun to play.😘😛😘😛😘😛😘😛😘😛😛😘😛😘😛😘😘😘😛😛😘😛😘😛😘😛😛😛😛😛😛😘😘😘😛😝😝😝😝😘😛😗😝🤓🤓😆😊🤓🙂

Horrible since update

Connection is always messed up and I have lost money and half the time it doesn’t count the stuff I harvest. Can’t even open chat without connection going bad. I’ve missed out on prizes from tournaments because of the connection issue!!!

Loses internet connection at the drop of a hat

Constantly losing connections so you have to restart. Especially on the latest update they forced on us. Also there are additional islands they let you go to but once you build it up they make it disappear and start all over again.

Love the game

The frustrating factor of this game is that it wants to be so detailed to the point of continually losing connection. I would much rather have a simpler game that can be played in a moments notice, than constantly having to manually close it out and try to reopen it. Sometimes I only have a couple of minutes at a time, but when it won’t load, it’s annoying.

Chat Broken, Connection Issues

I love this game, that I spend real money on it, but they need to figure out a way to fix their atrocious maintenance issues. Every co-op tournament, something is always broken. Chat is broken for hours. Chat is an important aspect for teams to coordinate their projects. Connectivity issues and perpetual disconnects. I thought it was my Wi-Fi but all 30 members in my co-op cannot connect. We have members all over the world. They shared screenshots of the same thing “Connection Error”. I made good friends in this game and it is good but I cannot give a 5-star review due to the fact that it is super frustrating. What is a game when one cannot connect?


It’s co-op tournament and once again having issues with it loading. WiFi is fine, cellular service is fine. Loads to 64% then says connection error. Guaranteed when I finally get in, chat will go down while we are doing call outs for what everyone has and time to harvest. This is getting old...

Slow load but good community

I love the team building projects in this game. I have a great coop and working together for the same goal really gives you a sense of commitment. If it weren’t for my coop I would leave the game because I wish we could interact with each other’s fields more, it gets a little boring and load is really slow. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because of my coop.


Great game having issues with it saying no internet connection and my internet is fine other than that love it

Issue with update

When I open the game the small notice about the update comes on. I then proceed to the App Store to install the update and it’s not available. I can’t access the game because the message won’t disappear. I can’t update because it doesn’t show up as one of the apps needing an update. Tried to find a app support button, it pulls up recipes.

Not happy

I loved it until the last update! Now I can’t get back into it. Ridiculous! Has happened again. Who’s got time for this crap.


I enjoy playing this game. So glad that we get gold , it helps and makes the game so much fun.

Few issues

Addictive but I constantly have to restart the game very frustrating I’d play more if I didn’t have this issue also problems getting into my coop projects sometimes it allows me to participate an sometimes it doesn’t I’m always spending money please fix this soon

Entertaining but seriously flawed

It keeps me entertained with all the events and tasks but it gets repetitive quickly. The reason I finally got rid of it was because they have no defense against toxic players in co ops. You can kick them sure but they can just immediately rejoin and the only thing you can do then is up your required lvl to join but if they are already high lvl players you are doomed. They need to make an invite only option for co ops or have a report button for players that join just to be cyber bullies.

Stupid at the moment

How am I suppose to log into my previous account?!

Nice app

Lovely game to play before sleeping



Family farm

Fun game

Best game ever

I really enjoy this game! It one of the last game I play at night and first one I play in the morning!

Yellow tickets

I am definitely enjoying the game,however until now i still have no idea where or how can i obtain the yellow ticket! I want some decoration that needed the yellow tickets.


I enjoy the main farm but, am disappointed in the adventure part because every time it goes from one adventure place to the other and starts from the very beginning again. So all the hard work you did is gone I’d like to see it stay at the same level and continue on....not start from scratch again.


The amount of hours you have to wait for things is frustrating. Making me lose interest in the game. Plus the cost of land shouldn’t go up. That also make it frustrating to play. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Game shuts down all the time

The game constantly shuts down not worth the aggravation


Keeps you entertained.

Time and Game money

Everything is beyond expensive. More so than any other farm game. It cost thousands just to feed animals and plant things. Then you have to wait forever for things to upgrade and that costs a fortune. You very easily run out of things to do and have to stop playing this game. I’ve waiting so long for things I’ve forgot to play and now just deleted the game. Go find a different game that you can actually spend time playing.

Loss of Island buildings

I enjoyed this game somewhat until the change in Islands again. Every time there’s a change, I lose the land and buildings I’ve built. First time I lost because I wasn’t connected to FB, but second time, I was connected. Now it’s telling me, I have to register? No. Disappointed and not playing anymore. Waste of time.

New update

I love the game but the new update will not allow you to open the app. Still requires for new update.

Big Farm

Good game i like it!


Good game


I would like to open a second farm, but it is not letting me do so. Please let me know how I can make this work. Thanks.

5 star farming game

I love this farming simulator game! I’ve played a lot of farming games and this one is definitely my top favorite. It’s relaxing it doesn’t stress you out with everything going on. I love the graphics as well. The graphics play a huge part in why I love this game. This is exactly the kind of farming game I’ve been looking for! I play it on and off but always come back to it. If your looking for a fun addictive relaxing farming game this game is your style!



Developer Response - Player Response

Thanks for the thoughtful update about the intro of adventure points that will supposedly make the adventure farm worth playing. I look forward to seeing whether or not that is true. I doubt it, since I would imagine that you also have to actually be playing the farm while continuing to unnecessarily RE-drain resources from the main farm every month. We’ll see, maybe... You guys are really bad at updates, too. That is another big complaint you receive. I haven’t been able to get into the game for hours. I know you had to do a maintenance immediately after the update again; but it sure seems to be taking a lot longer than expected. It’s not the first time, what a shocker. Have you ever thought - or even heard of - ‘testing’ before implementing updates? You might want to consider adding something like that to your update process. Just sayin’. ;) Methinks a different farming game is better worth my time; and if I hadn’t already put over a year into this game and have a little community built up - I would have been gone by now for other reasons on top of these two. So sorry to put you through my breaking-away fits, LoL! I HATE having my time wasted. —————— Original Post: I saw your response to metabea regarding the adventure farm. You have had SO MANY complaints about it; and all you have to say is that we don’t have to play it if we don’t like the fact that it’s a pointless waste of time & resources. No improvements, no apologies for implementing a bad idea - just ‘thank you for understanding’. (By the way, that person already said they don’t play the farm - you didn’t need to suggest that. We don’t play it - frankly, we can’t if we want our main farm to grow.) We understand that the adventure farms were a cool idea UNTIL you have to rebuy land and buildings for it over and over again - which wouldn’t be so bad if the main farm didn’t require so many more resources, itself. It makes absolutely NO SENSE that you made them that way EXCEPT to be greedy *ssholes. (Really, you wouldn’t make money by making it like the main farm? Is your game doing that badly where you need this underhanded trick to pay yourselves?) WHY can’t you make it so that we don’t lose everything, so we can pick up where we left off every month? Oh yeah, you’re greedy - and stupid for thinking up such a dumb idea.


When I first started playing this it was very entertaining, and I had no problems with anything. Now that I’ve gotten higher in level, I’ve gotten very irritated, and me and my friend that got me playing it has thought about deleting it. First of all, the prices for expansions, upgrading buildings, and production cost are outrageous. The happier your workers, the lower you production cost, and at first that is great. But when you hit level 40 and 44 and it wants you to build a meadow and a manufactory, you don’t have any room for decorations. You also don’t have enough building materials or money to expand with all the other things it wants you to buy. I think the Cafe and the Manufactory was the worst idea they added. It takes up a lot of space and doesn’t give much outcome. The thing I hate most about this game is the happiness and decorations. If you are positive it barely helps you at all, but if you are negative it puts you in the hole quick. I really wish you could just do away with “happiness” completely. Upgrade time is kind of a pain in the butt also. I think if the time is going to be so long, that maybe you could be able to do 2 or 3 upgrades/construction at a time. Lastly, the orders you fulfill mostly only ask for products you are currently out of. As an example, I’m normally low on apples and cherries.. and my orders are only asking for apples and cherries. I think think is kind of unfair. I really used to love this game but I’m starting to not want to play it at all. I hope you can fix some of these issues please. :)

Los costos muy altos.

Si no fueran tan altos los costos sería fenomenal.


I love farming games this is about my fav won


The app is only one problem that is no longer available.


I’m always playing this game,I really enjoy it. I just wish on the temporary farm they didn’t restart it every month I love playing this to start over

Farmers will love this game

As a farmer I love this game it is very addicting, I can’t stop playing!

Enjoyable with or without being in a coop

Enjoyable with or without being in a coop, but more achievable when part of a coop. Just wish it was possible to build all parts without spending real money. Occasionally there are freebies that help, but so far I have not found the blueprints needed to upgrade the water tower. If you play once a day, it will take forever to grow. But if you want to just watch the progress over time, it is still enjoyable. Sometimes the waiting is annoying, but if you spend real many, you can speed it up. This is a “pay to win” sort of game. There is plenty of variety. However, a users guide would be very helpful. There are some things I still haven’t found how to build.

It’s fun but sloooooow

Six hours to harvest wheat? C’mon devs. I get you guys need to make money for your time, but I’m not going to spend the amount you require to speed things up. This is an expensive game when you look at the amount of coins needed to speed anything up. Eventually I’ll get so bored waiting for higher end crops to grow I’ll just delete the game. I don’t understand why developers of these kinds of games can’t grasp that. I’m not against spending some money but not the amount you’d like me to.

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